Our pal from Grace Church in Hickory, NC, Aaron Polk, is the mastermind behind making our show logo (the one you'll find on our site header and our Facebook page).  He's awesome, and if you need some graphic work done, he's a great guy to deal with.  

Email Aaron here.

Also, our very own Jimmy Atkins built this here website, so if you're in need of a beautiful online space to showcase your creative side, hit him up...he'd be glad to build something just for you!

Email Jimmy here.


We love music (obviously!), so when we have talented fellas helping us out with our theme song, we want you to know about them.  
Billy James is a local hip-hop artist who single-handedly wrote the lyrics for our theme song.  Find out more about him here:
Jason Singleton is Ricky's go-to studio drummer, and he laid the foundation for those nasty beats in the song.  Unfortunately, he's not really online, but if you want some great drumming for a project, hit up Ricky...he'll hook you up!


If you saw our Season 1 trailer, you understand the amazing talent Jonathan Dale exhibits.  If you need some videography done for a project, reach out to him at