Welcome to the Bomb House
Welcome to the Bomb House
A podcast about NC, Music, Life & Faith

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On the first episode, meet the voices behind the microphones.  Ricky and Jimmy chat about what they do, why the podcast exists, what the audience can expect, and why Jimmy won’t be cussing.  Welcome to the Bombhouse.

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This week, we welcome long-time friend and fellow musician, Paul Cummings, to the Bomb House. Paul is the student and contemporary worship pastor at Corinth Church in Hickory, NC. Join us as we discuss how he juggles all the facets of his job, his creative approach to releasing recorded music, and how he journeyed through a (brief) stint in early-90's hip hop to get where he is today.

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In this episode, we chat with a long-time friend, Benton Blount.  Sit in as we explore his origins in music, his dealings with Christian band 7-Miles, and his rise to southern stardom on the nationally-acclaimed variety show, America's Got Talent.  We'll cover everything from scary gigs at asylums to conversations with Howard Stern in this one, adding a dash of country crunk and devious doppelgängers for good measure.  Welcome to the Bomb House.

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This episode, we have a visit from Jimmy’s brother, Mike Atkins (and no, they’re NOT twins). We’ll chat about their earlier days in Elishah and Second Hand City together, as well as Mike’s move to Charlotte. Covering everything from country drumming to city leading, with a healthy dose of laughing, hear a story of changing locales when the time is right and walking through doors that open just when you need them to. Welcome to the Bomb House. 

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Know what makes a good taco? Sure, you can put meat, cheese, and vegetables in a folded tortilla like every other person on the planet. But what makes a GREAT taco? This is one of the many questions we ask founder and restauranteur, Bryan Drake, in this episode. Mountain Burrito hit Morganton, NC by force several years ago, and ever since then, it's become a mainstay for the entire region. Listen in as Ricky explains why he and his clients eat there most days of the week, how Jimmy intends to dub it the "jewel of western NC," and what lies in store for Bryan's mission to feed the 'Ol North State a healthy serving of burritos (with some wise words mixed in there, too).

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In this, the final episode of season 1, Ricky and Jimmy take a look back at the things they've heard and learned from the amazing guests that graced the studio. Laugh along with some of the ridiculous things they talk about, and learn what to expect in the next season of Welcome to the Bomb House.

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Welcome back to the Bomb House! In this, the first episode of our second season, we chat about life in the interim between seasons, how reliable cars are our preferred method of vehicular transport, the newest John Mayer guitar drama, and the coffee that drives us. Welcome (BACK) to the Bomb House!

This episode, meet Patty M, an amazing transplant to our area. After a successful career in pathology based in New England, Patty made her way to western NC with a goal to make a lifelong dream come to life. Ricky and Jimmy find out all about how Patty started with music, took a more pragmatic (and scientific) approach to employment, and came around full-circle to being a sought-after artist in the world of touring musicians. Oh, and weird stories of dead bodies, too. This is the Bomb House.

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For eons, religion and technology have coexisted in some form or fashion.  What good can technology do for faith-based communities, and how does tradition outweigh the forward march of today's computer-driven society?  We'll ask Kevin Purcell, local pastor, these questions, and we might also just find out why no one deserves the title "Reverend."  Welcome to the Bomb House!

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Join us for our very first LIVE-streamed episode of Welcome to the Bomb House, wherein we welcome Jimmy's band, Rooted, for a look into acoustic folk music, local gigging, career aspirations, and what makes a band a band.  Also, two live performances of original songs by the band, including themes of fighting for a marriage and slight schizophrenia.  Welcome to the Bomb House!

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