Welcome to the Bomb House
Welcome to the Bomb House
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Bring your own sauce…

High quality backing tracks to play with your instrument. Everything from 90’s Rock, 80’s POP, to Ambient styles are featured. Have fun and bring your own sauce!

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Bomb House Recording (Studio Website)

Taco Tracks on Bandcamp

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Below are examples of tracks that match a variety of genres. Listen to ‘em, play along with ‘em, make ‘em your own!

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Taco 75

Derived from the sounds of pop rock, this track will give you clean guitar tones, pocket drum beats, and a retro-meets-progressive musical feel.

BPM: 95
Key: E

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Taco Top Hat

Mixing classic and modern rock tones, this track allows players to try their chops on a tune that is reminiscent of tones from the likes of Guns ‘n Roses and Foo Fighters. This one gets dirty, so hang on to your hat.

BPM: 160
Keys: Ab and A

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Taco Vibe

It’s in the name. This track allows for the extensive use of modern and vintage delays, reverbs, and a myriad of other guitar tones. Ranging from the legendary sounds of U2 to the grooves found in today’s hits, there’s so much room in this track that you’ll find yourself swimming in taco goodness.*

*Not literally swimming in taco goodness, although that sounds like an idea we’d like to explore!

BPM: 72
Key: D




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Ricky Rodriguez (aka, Ricky Rod) has been running Bombhouse Recording in western NC for a number of years.  A prolific guitarist, studio engineer, producer, coffee enthusiast, Miami Dolphins aficionado, and taco connoisseur, Ricky makes his home in Morganton, NC with his wife, Tyson, and his smaller humanoid units, Tori and Gabe.  When he's not playing video games, he's actively planning the (imaginary) destruction of a certain patriotic quarterback from a national league of football players.

Learn more about Bombhouse Recording here:  www.bombhouserecording.com

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Jimmy Atkins is a jovial and pale redheaded worship pastor who enjoys playing acoustic guitar, learning about current conspiracy theories, and laughing hysterically at anything remotely close to the universe of slightly humorous.  He lives in Granite Falls, NC with his lovely wife, Chassta, his daughter, Lina, and their chug, Chugz (super-original, right?).  When he's not writing songs about local ghost stories, he's probably in the kitchen mixing up handmade beard grooming products for his company, Ruddy Man Beard Co.  

Hear Jimmy's music here:  www.jimmyatkinsmusic.com
Man up and take care of your beard with Ruddy Man here:  www.ruddymanbeard.com

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